Mission Partners

Wayne OLeary   TimCurtis-180x135
Rev. Wayne O'Leary                                                             
Slavic Gospel Association
  Tim Curtis
CMS Mission Partner in Paraguay
Wayne works with the Slavic Gospel Association lecturing in seminaries and Bible Schools  throughout Eastern Europe, and central Asia, and when in UK, represents SGA in the  Midlands, mid Wales and parts of London. Wayne is married to Iris, and they have two adult children Joshua and Naamah.
Through Wayne's we also help to support a pastor in Moldova.  
  Tim has headed up the Bible translation team of the Enxet Bible for many years. The whole Bible was finally published in 2016. Tim is currently encouraging Chaco churches in their use of the Bible including a dramatised audio version of much of the Enxet New Testament
Chris and Suzy   PedroAnnu2014-180x135
Chris and Suzy Wilson
CMS Mission Partners in Ethiopia
  Pedro and Annu Santos
CMJ Israel
Chris and Suzy with Abigail, Matthew and Micah have been in Gambella, Ethiopia since summer 2016.  Chris is teaching at St Frumentius Theological College which is training South Sudanese refugees for ministry in the very large and fast growing church, now numbering over 200,000 South Sudanese refugees and local Ethiopians.
Through the Crosslinks Mission Society, Holy Trinity is also supporting a young South Sudanese refugee in his training at the college.
       Pedro and Annu live in Israel together with their sons Daniel and Yonatan. Pedro is manager of Beit Immanuel guest house and speaks to numerous groups in the Heritage Centre about the Christian history of the building. He and Annu are part of the leadership team for a large Messianic congregation.
Jason and Tracy Day
CMS Mission Partners
Jason provided admin and logistical support to Overseas Mission Fellowship (OMF) across East Asia.  Tracy looks after the family, leads a weekly school prayer meeting, a Sunday school team and helps OMF mission partners in her role as child safety officer with child protection questions.