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Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is for anyone who wants to find out more about Christianity or reaffirm the foundations of their faith. If you have questions about Jesus, the church or just want to know more about God we would love to meet you! The course is totally free and we are currently running it on line.  You will watch a short video and then join together online to chat with a chance to ask any questions you might have.  Watch a trailer here. 

Bible Course

The Bible Course is accessible and interactive; it will enhance and inform your ongoing Bible study, whether you are new to the Bible or want to go deeper. Using a unique storyline, the course shows how the key events, books and characters all fit together. You’ll get to see the BIG picture and discover how the Bible applies to your life.  Here's a link to the daily readings.

Prayer Ministry Course

The Prayer Ministry Course provides an opportunity to receive in-depth teaching about the reasons behind the problems which hinder so many people throughout their lives and learn about the wonderful way in which the Lord Jesus can bring release from those things, which bind so tightly.

Please take a look at the Church Calendar for more information on all that's going on.