Life Groups

Life Groups are a great place to experience authentic community, share life, and build relationships. They are a safe place to learn and grow in your relationship with Christ while you connect and grow in friendship with one another.

The purpose of Life Groups

The purpose of our Life Groups is 3-tiered:
  • Connection: Create a safe place to learn and grow in a meaningful relationship with Christ through praying and studying the Bible in a small group setting, apply the teaching from the Sunday sermon series using the teaching notes, thereby discovering the truth of who He is and who we are as His children and His purposes for our lives
  • Community: Experience authentic community through joining with others and building meaningful, long lasting relationships, sharing life, and sacrificially serving one another and our church family.
  • Contribution: Impact the community in which we live, seeking to be an agent of God, choosing to engage, serve and enter into the lives of those that live in our community, utilising the opportunities we have and being creative to serve our neighbours (social action) and celebrate life (E.g. community BBQ's etc...)

Group dynamics

  • Typical group size range: 8 to 15 people.
  • Frequency: Most groups meet weekly, but this may vary based on the dynamic and purpose of the group.
  • Group dynamics: Can vary based on purpose or demographics
Currently there are Life groups running in Mitton, Tewkesbury town centre, Priors Park, Stonehills, Bredon and Walton Cardiff. New groups are also regularly being added so please contact the church office if you would like to join a group.