Making Good Choices 

Navigating our way through the maze of choices and options we face in life is fraught with potential pitfalls and dead ends. What factors affect the choices we make and how do we know if it is a good choice or bad one? The book of Proverbs in the Bible provides us with tried and tested words of wisdom that serve as a compass to help us make good decisions. In this series we will look at how we can become wise in our use of words, wise in how we handle money, wise in how we handle temptation and wise in how to build strong and good friendships. 

Andrew Thomas
Stephen Walker
1 Samuel 18:1–4
1 Samuel 19:1–7
Jean Herrick
Matthew 12:36–37
James 3:2–10
Stephen Walker
Proverbs 1:1–7
Proverbs 4:1–20