Holy Trinity Access Statement


Welcome to Holy Trinity; the church was built in 1837 and therefore has limitations in its facilities for disabled people or those with push chairs; this access statement is aimed at helping you to know what to expect from our buildings and our practices. 

The team would like to ensure that the best possible environment is created for all to encounter God and would like to encourage everyone to fully participate. In order to achieve this it may be helpful to advise the staff members of individual requirements. 


The Church does not have a dedicated car park.  There is, however, a generous public Car Park immediately to the left of the Church which is free until 12.30pm on Sundays.  There is a second smaller car park (near to the Roses Theatre) but charges apply.

Church Entrance

Entrance the porch consists of three steps without handrails. There is a separate entrance to the left of the main entrance door which is suitable for wheelchair and pushchair access and has handrails. There is a bell on the left side that can be rung for assistance with doors if needed. External areas are well lit. A wheelchair is available just inside; and it is stored just in the lobby of the modern entrance, by the purpose built ramp. 

Inside the Church

The main body of the church can be accessed bywheelchairs via the hall entrance to the left of the main door. Once you have proceeded through this there will be an 1800 mm wide gently sloping ramp immediately on your right, which allows easy access to the church foyer with access to the nave. 

Seating areas in the nave consist of comfortable modern chairs which can be easily removed immediately, which means wheelchair users should be able to choose a convenient position. There are no seats available with arms. Positions and chairs for those accompanying the wheel chair user can be reserved in advance by request to the Church office (telephone contact number 01684-292797). 

The Church is fitted with an induction-loop system for the benefit of hearing-aid users. Please note the signs indicating the appropriate areas for this can be found on the glass section left of the main nave doors. The public address system is used at all services often supported by power point presentations displayed by means of an overhead projection. Where at all possible the presentations will consider the needs of those with dyslexia and also those with sight problems. 

Currently we do not have a trained British Sign Language interpreter available. 

We have two large print bibles available. 

The morning sermon will be available to listen to after the service on the church’s website most weeks. The notice sheet is also available on our website. 

At various times during the service the minister may invite the congregation to stand; you are welcome to remain seated if this is more comfortable for you. Holy Communion is served at the front of church and is accessible by wheelchair users. Alternatively you may choose to receive communion in your chosen seating area, can you please make your wishes clear to someone from the ‘Welcome’ team (wearing a badge to make their role clear) if you find this useful. 

The leadership team and congregational members address the congregation from a raised platform, which is only accessible by steps (no handrail available, although the wall can be used as a support on one side) and therefore is not suitable for wheelchair users. 

There is a hand microphone for use by those unable to use the microphone situated on the raised platform. 

The Church Hall

After the morning service we invite everyone to join us for Coffee in the church hall.

The hall is reached by returning to the entrance hall, turning right for access to the gentle sloping ramp with hand rails. This will take you to the second entrance of the church building.

At the end of the ramp turn right immediately and continue ahead along a narrow corridor (width 1000mm) to the end room. This can be a busy corridor and every member of the congregation needs to proceed with caution through this busy thorough fare. 

The fire escape doors in the hall are in room 4 and are at ground level and have wheelchair access to the church garden and to the road through the blue gates left of the exit doors. 

The kitchen serving hatch has a counter height of 900mm. Sunday morning refreshments are served from the tables. Hot drinks are served in mugs but cups are also available on request. 


There are modern toilet facilities available in the modern entrance hall lobby. A wheelchair accessible unisex toilet is also available; this is designed in accordance with BS8300. Transfer in the toilet is to the right from a wheelchair.  This toilet is also equipped with a baby-change unit. There is also an emergency cord in the toilet. 

Church Office

The Church Office is number 10 on the opposite side of the Road to the main entrance of the church and is not accessible by wheelchair. If you wish to meet with staff members then please contact the church secretary, who will be able to facilitate a meeting for you on the church premises. 

Children’s and Youth Ministry 

All the staff members and volunteer leaders who work with children and youth will have been CRB ( criminal record bureau ) or DBS ( Disclosure & Barring Service ) checked.

The children and young people meet in their groups in the church hall after they have joined us for the first 15-20 minutes of the service. Children are encouraged to take an active part during this time of worship and will be allowed to walk around freely and join in with handheld instruments and flags. A crèche is available for the smallest children (under two years of age). 


Holy Trinity welcomes all disabled people, their families, and friends; do please speak to the Vicar, a church warden, or a member of the ‘Welcome’ team (who wear badges stating their role) if you have any comments on our provision.